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The ladies may have been be disappointed to see Channing Tatum married over the weekend to his longtime sweetheart and former Step Up co-star Jenna Dewan.

But you can still experience the next best thing.

In a new GQ feature article, Channing Tatum is shirtless – and looking equally hot in various stages of dress – and showing why he may just be the next big thing:

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At 18, the would-be star washed out of college in West Virginia and ended up in South Beach, where he worked construction and as a perfume spritzer at Dillard’s.

Later, he walked into a modeling agency and got a job with Abercrombie. Then he went to Hollywood. He stayed handsome. He got his start with a bunch of small roles. He is now being called the next big thing. And Channing Tatum is not complaining.

Click to enlarge more pics of the G.I. Joe and Public Enemies star below …

[Photos: GQ]