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Jon Gosselin’s new girlfriend, Hailey Glassman, seems like the type who would be a classy, upstanding role model as a stepmom to his eight small children.

Well, if you exclude the mug shot. And pretty much every other photo taken of her before this past weekend, when she actually looked sober for a change.

As more details of the 22-year-old’s background come to light, we are beginning to learn what makes Hailey Glassman tick. Her interests include working out, being a stylist, fashion, art, music and looking old and haggard.

Just kidding about the last part. Okay, not really. Here’s the aspiring kids’ fashion line designer with a couple of dudes who are clearly thinking 2-on-1 …

Hailey Glassman is “the biggest ditz” according to a high school classmate. Her AIM screen name? Goldeloks18, complete with an icon of a cat smoking a joint.

Her Facebook page also says she is “In a Relationship” as of May 1. This date is assumed to be when Jon Gosselin started tapping that – at least not secretly.

But does Jon have reason to worry about Hailey Glassman’s faithfulness? One of her Facebook groups is “Not a fan of fat people.” Better hit the gym, J!

Other highly intelligent declarations of hers: “Hi, I’m _____ and I’m sooooo f*%king addicted to Guitar Hero” and “FIGHTING TO LEGALIZE MARIJUANA!”

What a catch she is.

Click to enlarge more Hailey Glassman pictures below to really get to know Jon Gosselin’s girlfriend, the personification of demure beauty and class: