The Mystery of Maria Belen Chapur Continues

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The only people happy about the cheating scandal surrounding South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford this week may be Jon and Kate Gosselin.

After all, Sanford's affair with - and racy emails to - his Argentine mistress Maria Belen Chapur have captivated scandal-crazed gossip readers.

A TV station in Argentina appeared to beat the paparazzi to the punch, said the New York Post, unearthing an older Maria Belen Chapur video.

Argentina's La Prensa claims the video of Maria Belen Chapur dates back to late 2001, when she was covering the one-month anniversary of the collapse of the World Trade Center twin towers during her brief stint as a TV journalist.

This is Mark Sanford's lover Maria Belen Chapur. Supposedly.

Little else is known about Mark Sanford's mistress, who's supposedly married  with two kids herself, lives in Buenos Aires and is "a beautiful brunette with big eyes who plays tennis on a nearby lawn and runs every morning in her neighborhood."

The doorman in her building describes her as very nice and "elegant" - she graduated from some of Argentina's finest schools. But for now she's holed up in her apartment, avoiding the legions of journalists standing sentry outside.

Meanwhile, other Maria Belen Chapur pictures have been revealed, but may or may not be of the same woman Mark Sanford had a relationship with.

For now, all we can do is make do with what we have - unless another political scandal breaks along the way and takes its risque place, of course.

Here's hoping.

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