Sacha Baron Cohen Brings Bruno Nude to GQ

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That nude Jennifer Aniston cover has nothing on this.

In an ode to the Friends star's legendary naked GQ spread, Bruno, a.k.a. Sacha Baron Cohen, appears on the magazine's July issue in nothing but ... well, nothing.

Check out the epitome of raw sexiness below ...

Sacha Baron Cohen Image

Inside, however, Cohen's gay Austrian fashion journalist alter ego is shown in all states of dress. If you can call it that. He also offers some nice tips on man-scaping, wearing heels and chats about important topics like nipple clamps and anal bleaching.

Basically, if you are Carrie Prejean, or are otherwise offended by flagrant gay stereotypes, you may want to stop right here and read something else.

But if you find Sacha Baron Cohen's schtick more funny than repulsive, follow the link to check out the full Bruno article, and click to enlarge the pics below.

You'd never think tea-bagging Eminem would seem tame by comparison ...

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