Adam Lambert: Perez Hilton Has a Crush on Me!

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Fortunately, it does not appear to be reciprocal. We're big fans of Adam Lambert, and advocates of gay marriage. We're just anti-marrying Perez Hilton.

In an interview with Parade, the singer shares his theory on why the celebrity gossip blogger took such interest in whether or not he would come out of the closet during Season Eight of American Idol, which catapulted Adam to stardom.

"I think he might have a crush on me," Adam Lambert theorizes. "That's what it feels like at least ... but I don't have a crush on him!"

He will admit, however, that he does have a "ton of celebrity crushes" of his own. But he's also the first to realize, "I don't know if there's actually that many celebrities that play for my team that are open about it."

"Maybe you should ask someone that question about me."

No Stopping Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert thinks Perez Hilton might be interested in him - and not just in the gossip sense. Fortunately for everyone, the reverse is definitely not true.

The American Idol runner-up, who has gone public with boyfriend Drake LaBry and said in no uncertain terms that he is gay in Rolling Stone, has been thrust into the spotlight even faster and more often than the show's champ, Kris Allen.

His newfound fame comes with the burden of having millions of people looking at him, and not because of his singing skills - at least not strictly for that reason. Many are looking to Lambert to be an active voice in the gay community.

"[I do feel the pressure] a little bit, by default," he admits.

"Honestly, I'm so wrapped up in the process of creating music that I don't really have the energy to go there right now. Who knows what the future may hold, but I'm an entertainer and that's what I want to put my energy into right now."

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