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Will the dysfunctional Hogan family ever resolve its differences?

Maybe someday. In an ideal world. But that sure isn’t right now.

Brooke Hogan is still pretty sure she knows best, or at least better than her dumbass mom Linda, who’s been trashing her in the media of late.

Brooke Hogan at 2017 Grammys
Photo via Getty Images

“I’m the only one with my head on straight,” she says. “I don’t know what’s wrong with mom. Dad and brother are doing good. I’m straightforward.”

In another interview with E! News, Brooke explains that it’s Linda Hogan’s tendency to talk about her publicly that has made her distrust her.

“The things she’s said about me, and I’m like, how could I ever trust her again?” she explains, referring to Linda calling her out on her fake boobs.

“How could I ever look at her and be like, ‘You kind of threw me in front of the bus in front of the whole world… Who does that to their kid?”

Brooke’s been sticking to her father, Hulk Hogan’s side in all the drama with Linda, despite his dating Jennifer McDaniel, who creepily looks just like her.

“I’m just looking at how my dad’s treating me and how my mom’s treating me, and my mom has kind of backstabbed me a couple times. I feel betrayed.”

As for her mom’s current boytoy, Charlie Hill, a former schoolmate of Brooke and brother Nick Hogan, Brooke doesn’t have a lot to say that’s positive.

“He is a loser,” she says. “I don’t have a problem with age, necessarily, but it’s more about character. Her love is not real and not right.”

“I personally don’t like him,” she adds, in case it was at all unclear.

So is there a bright side to all this for Brooke Hogan?

Maybe. Her new album drops July 21, first of all. And even the family drama may subside with the passage of time. Here’s hoping anyway, right?

“Life has been really rocky, but it’s starting to look up,” she says, adding that she’d rather talk about what’s going on than stay quiet (shockingly).

“You can be judged by talking about it or you can be judged by not. I’m an honest person. I vocalize a lot of feelings. I might as well now, right?”

Right. Follow the link to check out more Brooke Hogan pictures!