Jillian Harris Blogs About Bachelorette Tension, Kissing

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In week three, The Bachelorette took a trip back in time to the Old West, while tensions heated up at the house as the fight for Jillian Harris raged on.

The self-described "refined hick" was definitely in her element this week. Below, she shares some impressions on all the latest Bachelorette exploits.

Here's what Jilly thought of the episode, according to her blog ...


Am I alone in saying that was one of the craziest episodes ever? The romance, drama and kissing, and my first tears, even my head was spinning when I watched!

At the time, I remember there being some tension, but not that much! Anything I don’t see, I don’t know about, so I had no idea of the magnitude of the conflict.

It’s times like those that I really wish I had a secret little camera to get the inside scoop. I would have stormed right in there and put a stop to all that nonsense.

On to a more positive topic, the dates this week were over the top. Literally!

Just Jillian

My date with Ed was truly the definition of “living on the edge.”

At the time, Ed seemed so easy-breezy about going over the edge of that building, but he later revealed to me that he was a nervous wreck!

The best part about Ed moving into the house was his house attire - Ed would lounge around the mansion like he owned the place, wearing a silk robe and cucumber eye masks (and later on, drinking blended margaritas at 8 a.m. with Robbie).

For the record, some of the kisses on the western date were really awkward (sorry guys!). But I totally appreciated how the guys were all really going for it, and I had fun being a good sport! I am so not an actress, so it was nerve-wracking.

It wasn’t until the last scene that Robbie D. was finally able to calm my nerves a bit. He put me at ease, and dealt with his scene with such class. I was really proud of him, and had a blast acting with him. That’s why I gave him the rose.

Actually, thinking back, I was also very proud of Tanner for sporting that ridiculous costume. The poor guy was last to be “outfitted,” and that was all that was left He was such a good sport about it - even when I made fun of his furry chaps.

That week, unfortunately, ended with me having to deny Sasha the rose on our one-on-one date. This was an extremely hard situation for me.

I knew at the time, there were other men in the house that were “less perfect” for me, but I also knew it wasn’t fair to keep Sasha if I didn’t feel the connection.

Sasha is a great guy, and I was touched by all that he shared regarding his accident. Still, I wanted to be fair, and that meant ending the date with disappointment.

Thank you again, for tuning in every week. As time goes on I can promise you even more romance, laughter, adventure and yes ... even more kissing ...(sigh)

Yours truly,

A Cute Cowgirl

Jillian Harris is so not an actress. But she's so cute.

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