Kevin Maher Says Danielle Staub is a "Raging Nymphomaniac"

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Tough break for Danielle Staub.

She lands a role on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, only for her past to suddenly be dug up and her former life of drugs, sex and kidnapping to be exposed in front of a national audience. What unfortunate timing!

Danielle Staub Naked

Now, days after Bravo aired an episode that focused on Staub's shady past as a stripper named "Beverly Merrill," the author of Cop Without a Badge, the book that started it all, is speaking out.

From knife-wielding and cocaine-snorting to reality TV, it's been quite a journey for Danielle Staub.

According to Kevin Maher, an ex-con turned police informant, Danielle lived as an escort, stripper and drug addict in the 1980s; she was also arrested on felony kidnapping and extortion charges by the FBI.

“She’s very smart, and when she wants something, she’s one of the most determined women in the world,” Maher told Star Magazine. “But she’s also a pathological liar. I believe she’s been psychologically scarred since childhood, and when you live that kind of life, you have to be a liar.”

Now a private investigator, Maher says he and Staub met at a party in Miami and proceeded to have sex in a bathroom. But the relationship didn't last because she once slashed his arm with a knife and continually cheated on him.

Then again, he can't really blame her for the latter incidents. After all, Maher labels his ex as a"raging nymphomaniac."

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