Britney Spears "Gimme More" Topless Photos: WTF!?

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She gave more, there's no doubt about that.

Just about the only thing missing from Britney Spears' staggering fall from grace, then rise from the ashes of 2006-2009 has been a bunch of naked photos.

Well, ask and you shall receive.

TMZ obtained many topless Britney Spears pics, taken in July 2007 during the filming of the music video for her hit single, "Gimme More," from Blackout.

This was pretty much our reaction this morning ...

Oops, She Forgot Clothes Again

Follow the jump for more topless Britney Spears photos from the set of this music video. Be forewarned: These photos are much more revealing than the image above, and some are quite adult in nature. Some are also moderately hot.

You may proceed at will ...

On Pole
Britney Topless Pic
Britney Spears Topless Photo
Britney Spears Topless Pic
Spilling Out
Brit Topless
Hands on the Pole
Tattooed Breast
Britney Topless

Britney Spears gives us more. Much more. [Photos: TMZ]

Umm, are her breasts tattooed?!? Should we be surprised?!? Too bad these topless scenes didn't make it onto the final cut of the video.

For a special, bonus flashback to this dark era in Britney Spears history, here is a special presentation of "Gimme More," as performed by the singer at the 2007 MTV Music Video Awards. This is a 10 out of 10 on the unintentional comedy scale ...


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