Adam Lambert Spars with Label Over Old Material

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Adam Lambert and Hi Fi records are at it again.

The  American Idol runner-up issued a new statement responding to the label's announcement that it plans to release a CD by Adam titled On With the Show.

Adam Lambert recorded this material before American Idol.

"Last Friday I was surprised to find out that songs I recorded back in 2005 were being released," Lambert, far from thrilled, said in the statement.

"I was shocked to learn that songwriting demos of songs that I co-wrote and recorded over the past few years may be released in an album."

"Like a rough draft that a writer does before finishing a book, I did not intend my work on these demos to be heard by the public. I was unaware that anyone intended to release these recordings until I heard about it in the press."

"I'm very disappointed by this entire situation."

Adam Lambert wants control over his own music's release.

Hi Fi responded to Adam's statement this morning, saying:

"As we've already outlined, releasing this music was always the plan. That plan was changed by 19 Recordings after Adam won America over with his extraordinary talent."

"It's a shame that his management / record company choose to disavow their client's work and discredit him as a songwriter. As an independent company whose role it is to help put this out, we at Hi Fi think this is an absolute slap in the face."

"Wilshire Records, a small indie music company, run by an experienced music producer, Malcolm Welsford, thrives on finding, nurturing and championing new talent, and now they find themselves at a tremendous potential loss."

"Adam's songwriting partner Monte Pittman now finds himself at a tremendous potential loss. Via the press, in the words of the musician they dedicated so much time and money to, they are being told that their work should never see the light of day."

"We apologize for what has become a tiresome tit for tat, particularly on a day that we mourn the loss of a truly original, game-changing entertainer, but unfortunately, each statement released in Adam's name contains a different story."

"We remain steadfast in our assertion that we seek only to share the music Adam Lambert wrote, according to plan, so his fans know the depth of his talent and see that he will be handsomely rewarded for his work."

Hi Fi claims that it has a signed recording contract with Adam dated February 12, 2008. The label has already made one of the CD's tracks, "Want."

Last week, Adam tried to distance himself from the release saying, "The work I did back then in no way reflects the music I am currently working on."

Adam's official debut album will be released this fall on 19 Recordings/RCA.


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