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John Edwards’ marriage is over.

So claims the National Enquirer, the publication that first broke the story of his affair with Rielle Hunter in late 2007, then caught him red-handed visiting his mistress in August 2008, forcing him to publicly admit the stunning liaison.

In its new issue, the celebrity news tabloid says his terminally ill wife, Elizabeth Edwards, kicked John out of their bedroom more than two years ago when he confessed to cheating on her, and the two are now officially living apart.

While the disgraced two-time presidential candidate occasionally spends time at their sprawling North Carolina mansion for the sake of their two younger children, the couple – who married in 1977 – have slept apart for years now, insiders say.

That’s the true state of the Edwards’ marriage – even as Elizabeth and John recently told Oprah Winfrey that they’re working to rebuild their broken union.

Edwards’ secret affair and likely love child with Rielle Hunter led to a blockbuster story – and for whatever reason, Elizabeth seems intent on trashing John and Rielle with her memoir, Resilience, and subsequent media tour.

On Oprah’s May 7 broadcast, amid rumors that Hunter wants a paternity test, Edwards meekly echoed his wife’s claims that they were working on things.

KICKED OUT: Like Kate Gosselin and Steve Neild, John Edwards’ affair with Rielle Hunter has resulted in severe marital woes for the former U.S. Senator and V.P. nominee.

People close to the fallen political heavyweight say he has little choice but to accept the public punishment his cancer-stricken wife is doling out.

“John has no choice than to follow Elizabeth’s lead,” says a source. “He has completely destroyed her and their lives by repeatedly lying.”

“His betrayal was so severe that there is no marriage to go back to. They are staying together for the sake of their children and reputations. But if things were different, if Elizabeth wasn’t sick, she would divorce him in a heartbeat.”

Elizabeth told Oprah the couple is working to rebuild their trust, but according to the Enquirer, the reality is she banished John Edwards from their bedroom when he first admitted his affair with Rielle to her in December 2006.

She was rumored to have tossed him out of their Chapel Hill, N.C., home, back in August when he publicly admitted the affair: “After John was caught, Elizabeth told him to simply, ‘Get out of the house!'” a source divulged.

John Edwards with the woman who broke up his marriage.