Hilarious Celebrity Baby Rumor of the Week: Suri Cruise Insists on Eating Only with Chopsticks

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Forget forks, spoons or even her little fingers.

When you're the daughter of Katie Holmes and Tom freaking Cruise, you don't deign to eat dine any differently than when you're downing sushi at Nobu.

Star Magazine says Suri eats only with chopsticks. Those are the only utensils this three-year-old will even go near. She's very cultured, don't you think?

According to a conveniently anonymous source, Suri Cruise simply “doesn’t like to eat with anything else.” Why would she? BOW DOWN to the queen!!

We believe this completely made-up story is supposed to imply that Suri Cruise is some sort of snobby little brat. Or just really interested in Asian cultures.

During a recent visit to posh bakery Le Pain Quotidien, Tom Cruise’s spawn supposedly “wouldn’t touch her sandwich and pastries without them!” Naturally.

To top this ridiculous story off, poor Katie Holmes now has to lug around a pair of her daughter’s preferred eating untensils in her Hermes Birkin bag.

Says the spy,  “It’s the only way she can get her to eat!”


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