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On American Idol, Kara DioGuardi critiques contestants such as Danny Gokey and Adam Lambert.

But in a new interview with Extra, the judge turns the spotlight on herself.

“I’ve never spoken about this,” she said. “I had kind of a binge eating disorder where, instead of dealing with my emotions, I would stuff them down with food… I never threw up or starved myself. It was an eating disorder. I actually went into a treatment center for it… I would get up and eat in the middle of the night.”

We’re not entirely sure if late-night snacking qualifies as an eating disorder, but we aren’t experts on the topic.

DioGuardi explained that her food issues were based on insecurity as a child, as she “was a creative kid who didn’t know she was creative.”

After she moved to Los Angeles to become a songwriter, Kara grew healthier.

“The moment I started doing music, the moment I did what I loved to do in my life and committed to it, I didn’t have those problems anymore. I have my outlet. I have that form of expression. I can go to the studio and talk about my feelings.”