Pete Wentz Partakes in Interesting Water Sport

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Pete Wentz is a complete waste of space.

This fact has been common knowledge for some time now, but the true extent was only revealed after watching a video that has just surfaced online.

In this nine-minute clip, Pete partakes in a game of urine roulette. The title will pretty much give away the rules, and they are as foul as they sound.

The Fall Out Boy bass player takes 10 empty water bottles, fills nine with apple juice and the last with his liquid waste. Then throughout the night, he drinks from each until he gets to the one filled with his own urine. Wish we were kidding.

We wonder if he'll be railing Ashlee Simpson as much after she learns this is what he's up to on the road ... or whether she also plays this at home?

This man is the father of another human being.

Due to the potentially disturbing nature of this Pete Wentz video, and this being a family gossip site, we have placed it after the jump below.

We recommend it, as someone being this big of a d-bag must be seen to be believed, but at the same time, keep a trash bag handy.

Follow the jump to watch Pete Wentz and his favorite sport ...


Pete Wentz Biography

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Wilmette, Illinois
Full Name
Peter Lewis Kingston Wentz III

Pete Wentz Quotes

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