Kendra Wilkinson's Wedding Woes

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Kendra Wilkinson is engaged to Hank Baskett. That much we know.

But new reports are indicating that the nuptials are creating a series of problems for the Playboy model, her mediocre wide receiver of a fiance and others in the world of television. Here's are examples of the controversies caused by this couple:

  • Following The Girls Next Door, Wilkinson was scheduled for her own reality show spin off. “It was supposed to be Kendra being even more...Kendra,” a source told E! Online. Now? A Newlyweds-type series is being considered.
  • Along with the engagement news, it was announced that Wilkinson and Baskett would get hitched at the Playboy Mansion, with Hugh Hefner giving the bride away. But insiders say Baskett may not want someone that has seen his soon-to-be wife naked walking her down the aisle.
  • Now, Kendra won't commit to any location for the wedding.

We'll keep readers apprised of the latest plans for these nuptials. For now, just one thing is certain:

Baskett and the Philadelphia Eagles need a major winning streak if they wanna reach the playoffs.

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