Shauna Sand: Real or Wax?

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"Actress" and "model" Shauna Sand was spotted out in West Hollywood Friday, doing ... whatever it is Shauna Sand does.


Shauna Sand Image

Is this a photo of Shayne Lamas' one-time stepmom, or just a wax impostor?

You decide in this edition of Real or Wax …

Follow the jump right now to learn the answer…


Yes, that's really her ... looks like it was just the flash from the cameras that washed-out her plastic mug. Did we fool you?

If so, don't feel bad. She's mostly made of plastic anyway. On the flip side, who would make a frickin' wax figure of Shauna Sand?

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Shauna Sand Biography

Suckin' Face
Shauna Sand is an alleged actress and one-time Playboy model. She used to be married to Lorenzo Lamas, which means she was Shayne Lamas'... More »
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Shauna Sand