Tatum O'Neal is Auditioning for a Role... and Other Celebrity Excuses

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When Tatum O'Neal was caught trying to purchase crack cocaine last night, she reportedly told the police that she was "researching a part as a junkie."

For some reason, those mean cops still arrested the former Oscar winner.

The chain of events got us thinking about what excuses other celebrities could have used when they were caught in sticky situations. For example...

Britney Spears, during her underwear-less, late-night jaunts to Hyde: "Ding dangit, I thought I was auditioning for Pants-Off Dance-Off, y'all!"

Kim Kardashian, following the release of her sex tape with Ray J: "I was told this would be a promotional package to be included with every Viagra sample."

Ray J, Kim Kardashian, Sex Tape

Kim Kardashian thought her sex tape with Ray J would be used to assist older men.

Amy Winehouse, stoned out of her mind: "My husband [Blake Fielder-Civil] is storing his drugs in my stomach."

Miley Cyrus, after posing topless in Vanity Fair: "This will make a lot more sense to everyone when Hannah Montana Does Dallas comes out."

Denise Richards, responding to criticism of her reality show: "It's complicated, ok?!?"

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