Kevin Federline Named Father of the Year! Again!

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THG NOTE: If your ex-wife were Britney Spears, anyone would look extremely stable by comparison. Heck, even putting on pants sets you apart.

Just in time for Father's Day, the Las Vegas club Prive will award the papa of Sean Preston and Jayden James (with Britney) and Kori and Kaleb (with Debbie Clemens Shar Jackson) its "father of the year" status.

It's no PURE nightclub, but we're sure the FedEx man will be willing to make the trip to accept this appearance fee prestigious award.

This man is a good father. Or at least good at making babies.

K-Fed will be crowned at a party he is slated to host June 13. He will be awarded the title during a presentation at the club.

The unofficial honor is Federline's second such recognition in a relatively short time (again, he can thank Britney Spears for this).

Last November, Details anointed K-Fed father of the year - an honor he shared with Larry Birkhead, who used to date Anna Nicole Smith, but now spends his time raising their daughter Dannielynn and reading The Hollywood Gossip.

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