Happy Birthday, Devendra Banhart!

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No offense, Devendra Banhart, but if your birthday took place last month, our staff probably wouldn't have acknowledged it.

This random singer has only earned status as a celebrity gossip subject to due his relationship with Natalie Portman. But that's okay. Would anyone know who Ray J was if he didn't videotape himself giving it to Kim Kardashian?

Natalie Portman, Devendra Banhart

So here's to Devendra Banhart! The Cisco Adler-lookalike turns 27 today. And he's likely receiving the best gift of all tonight: Natalie Portman nude. Enjoy, sir.

If a guy that looks like Devendra Banhart can land a gal that looks like Natalie Portman, every male out there has a chance!

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Devendra Banhart Biography

Natalie Portman, Devendra Banhart
Devendra Banhart is a folk singer. He was born in Houston, but raised in Venezuela until he was 13 and, years later, gained popularity... More »
Houston, Texas
Full Name
Devendra Banhart