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O.J. Simpson’s girlfriend, Christie Prody, was apparently involved in an accident in which she was hit by a car in Miami, Fla., on Saturday, and is currently being treated for two broken legs, among other injuries.

No word on whether O.J. was driving. Just kidding. Okay not really.

Seriously, if O.J. isn’t beating or actively trying to kill this woman, he’s giving off bad karma or something. This incident comes just months after Christie Prody was badly hurt after she “fell at a gas station.”

Those slippery gas stations get you every time.

Christie Prody was badly hurt for the second time already this year. Surprisingly, O.J. Simpson is not believed to be responsible for her serious injuries.

Back to the current bizarre injury – Florida cops say she was driving down the highway when she had to pull over due to two flat tires.

Christie Prody got out of her car and, in a brilliant display of human intelligence, tried to cross the Interstate for some unknown reason.

She almost made it

The 32-year-old alleged Canadian model was, if you haven’t guessed, drilled by an oncoming car.

Her head and arms went through the windshield and she landed inside the car, which ground to a halt with Christie’s legs sticking out.

Cops found empty bottle of vodka in her car, but have not said publicly whether Prody was under the influence.

Prody’s dog was uninjured, and taken to a nearby shelter.

O.J. Simpson, who according to a former manager, confessed to killings of his ex-wife and her friend in 1994, hasn’t commented on Prody’s accident.

He’s awaiting trial on kidnapping and robbery charges in Las Vegas.