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Rob Lowe starred on The West Wing. According to former nanny Jessica Gibson, though, this actor belonged on The West Sch-wing!

Abysmal Wayne’s World jokes aside, more lewd details are now emerging from the lawsuit Gibson has filed against her former employer.

Based on documents TMZ has uncovered, Lowe is accused of repeatedly exposing his “flaccid penis” and his “erect penis” to Gibson; repeatedly asking her “to touch his penis;” often masturbating in front of her; and showing her pornographic photos on her computer.

And that’s merely Rob!

Gibson also alleges that Sheryl Lowe walked around naked -“completely exposing herself” – and made “numerous sexually vulgar comments about male genitalia,” while talking far too openly about her sex life with her husband.

Overall, Jessica is suing the Lowes for sexual assault and battery, sexual harassment, retaliation, unpaid off-the-clock work, overtime wages and unpaid meal periods. She’s asking for damages in excess of $50,000.

So… which side do you believe? Jessica Gibson or Rob Lowe?