McCain Girls Outed as Hoax

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We knew it. Who would really make up a YouTube campaign song about John McCain? Turns out the famed McCain Girls are completely manufactured.

They are a hoax, a product of the website 23/6, which wanted to make fun of the campaign-song phenomenon, popularized by Amber Lee Ettinger and others.

So they hired three chicks to sing pro-McCain lyrics to "It's Raining Men," then followed it up with an encore spoof of "Here Comes the Rain Again."

The McCain Girls: As real as they are attractive.

The website's President admitted to the hoax, telling the New York Times:

"We were pretty amazed that after the video came out, people were confused as to whether or not it was real. That's when I think we said ‘Hey, can we actually pull off a hoax here? How long can we keep it going?'"

Is there nothing sacred in this world? We just can't take it anymore. Next thing you know they'll tell us The Hills is fake. The horror.


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