Alex McCord: Nude York City Housewife

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If Alex McCord is a Real Housewife of New York City, imagine what a show based on The Real Strippers of New York City would show.

With naked pics of this reality TV star scattered around the Internet, McCord is being forced to explain how such shots ended up online. Not that she seems to care one bit about the attention. Shocking.

"I did the photos after the birth of our second son," McCord said.

"I was shocked at how quickly my body came back. I just sort of thought, ‘Wow!' At that time I had the opportunity to meet a lot of photographers. And there were a couple of people who asked me to work on… projects."

Ah yes, projects. Follow the jump now to get an idea of what kind of projects Alex is talking about (hint: Tila Tequila would be proud.).

Alex McCord Nude Pics

Of course, a few of the pics aren't so tasteful. But don't ask McCord how those possibly came out. She doesn't have a clue.

"I'm not sure exactly how that happened. It's a non-issue. I'm one of a billion people out there who has nude photos of themselves. So what."

Alex McCord: Naked and unmasked ... well, sort of.

While Vanessa Hudgens, Kim Kardashian and pretty much every British model would agree, we doubt one-sixth of world's population is represented by Alex McCord.

Thank goodness for that.


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