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Never one to miss an opportunity to try to make money, steal the spotlight from Lauren Conrad or, ideally, both, the abhorrent Heidi Montag is launching her answer to her MTV reality rival’s cute clothing line.

According to the New York Post, Heidi Montag is planning to celebrate “in style” very soon, by launching her own new line. If she can pull it off.

Reports say “Heidi has been [searching] for a place in L.A. to throw the launch party” for her fashion line – aptly called “Heidi Wood,” heh heh – although the faux-chested blonde is struggling to find a venue.

You Know What You Did

A rep for Heidi Montag – oddly, not her former boyfriend / manager Spencer Pratt – assures the Post that she will “get her pick” of the prime nightlife spots.

Les Deux, Area, Hyde, Opera … you best prepare for the invasion of Speidi and whatever loser friends (cough, Perez Hilton) they can scrape up.

We wish her the very best. Hpefully they play the Heidi Montag-Britney Spears duet. That alone will ensure that it’s a successful night out in SoCal.