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Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin partied together at the Gotham Magazine Gala in New York City last week, and grace that publications cover this month.

Here are some excerpts from the 30 Rock stars’ interview …

Tina Fey: I think Alec being on the show bought 30 Rock a lot of time. He’s such a brilliant actor and he’s not someone you get to see for free on TV. He absolutely bought us the whole first year. But I think that people who see the show really do like it; it’s just a question of getting people to try it out. We have the label of a “low-rated” or “poorly rated” show, but it’s weird, because on the same day I’ll see us referred to as “the low-rated 30 Rock” I’ll read “the hit show Gossip Girl.” We rate higher than Gossip Girl, but there’s a different expectation on NBC than the CW.

Gotham: Have you seen Gossip Girl?

Tina Fey: No, but the children on it are very beautiful.

Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin team up for the brilliance that is 30 Rock.

Gotham: What are your resolutions for 2008?

Tina Fey: An attempt at a less vulgar life. Less cursing, less bile. I sort of got into trouble last year I went on Howard Stern and ran my mouth a little bit about Paris Hilton [Fey said Hilton is a “piece of $h!t” and “looks like a tranny” among other things.] Not only was that not the right way for a 37-year-old woman to behave, but I went to my gynecologist for my yearly checkup shortly thereafter and she was like, “I read that thing [you said about Paris Hilton] in the paper. That was very hostile. Are you all right?” So, starting there: being less vulgar and hostile.

Gotham: Alec, people say you’re the reason 30 Rock wasn’t canceled…

Alec Baldwin: I think it’s nice when people say that. I’ve heard people say, “Oh, the show wouldn’t be the same if you left,” because I was thinking of leaving earlier on. And that’s flattering on the one hand, but I don’t think it’s really honest which is to say, you can’t be funny unless you have good writing. The two go hand in hand. It’s like someone writes good songs and somebody sings them well but which is more important? I think they’re equally important.

Gotham: What are your resolutions for 2008?

Alec Baldwin: My resolution is to rest. I’m going to walk through the park, go to the movies, and rest. It’s been a tough year. With the strike and all the crap with my daughter, it’s taken a lot out of me. [Now it’s] time to do things that make me feel good. I want to have a pleasant, simple, easy, and enjoyable year.