Spencer Pratt, Heidi Montag Speak on Romance, Music

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Heidi Montag took a break from ... whatever the hell she does to celebrate Valentine's Day with ex-fiance but still-boyfriend Spencer Pratt.

Their destination? The Atlantic City at the Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa.

But it wouldn't be a romantic getaway for Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag without staged photos, celebrity news cameras following them everywhere and the pimp himself promoting Montag's quote-unquote music career.

Despite the public backlash after they dropped her first single, "Higher," Spencer says Heidi's new music will blow. Our minds.

"Madonna, eat your heart out. Britney Spears, eat your heart out. I would say we have diamond records coming. They're gonna sell 10-million plus."

We don't suppose Spencer realizes that only about 50 albums have ever sold that many units, or that nearly all of them did so before 2000 and the age of digital downloads, or that Heidi is a f*%king horrific singer. Anyway, moving on.

For Heidi's next video, Spencer, who directed the unintentionally hilarious beach romp "Higher," said he is handing over the reins to Paul "Coy" Allen, who helmed "Give it to Me" with Justin Timberlake, Timbaland and Nelly Furtado.

Not to worry, Spencer Pratt fans (all eight of you): He promised he'd also release his own "alternate version" of the music video!

"We're financing [the album] ourselves on a shoestring budget," Pratt said.

"It's so organic. And this is just the warm-up. It's gonna get hot! We're just heating up the water in the bathtub."

More like the toilet.

As for their hot weekend at the Borgata in A.C., the couple arrived Friday, in time for a decadent dinner at the Bobby Flay Steakhouse, followed by a Matchbox 20 concert. The following day, they hit the spa for a couple's massage.

"How do we keep romance alive?" Spencer Pratt mused. "Our lives are romantic all day long. With us, it's 24/7, trying to keep each other happy. This is just another weekend to us. Every day is Valentine's Day in our relationship."

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