Spencer: New Heidi Montag Video Will Blow ... Your Mind!

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One thing we've learned in the past few weeks is that a Heidi Montag music video is nothing if not a conversation starter.

Despite a flurry of criticism over her debut, "Higher," that supposedly left her in tears, the Hills star is planning another video soon!

What's more, this one will "blow people's minds very soon," Montag's beau, former fiancé and sometimes director Spencer Pratt told People.

Due out within a month, Pratt says the new project will be more conceptual but "very simple, and very entertaining, just like the last one."

One can only hope Heidi Montag's next video features shots like this.

Heidi Montag says she has been eagerly plugging away at her "musical career," working in the studio "every night for about two months."

But don't expect everything to sound like "Higher." Mercifully.

"It's all different," the co-star and former BFF of Lauren Conrad said. "There's some edgier stuff, they're some fun dance tracks â€" it's everything. It's definitely going to be different than what everyone suspects."

Citing artists such as Britney Spears, Kylie Minogue, Christina Aguilera and even the Beatles (!?) as influences, Montag explained her inspirations simply, saying, "I feel like all artists inspire music in one way or another."

Heidi and Spencer, however, merely inspire nausea.

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