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While many celebrities were romancing significant others for Valentine’s Day, it was Girls Night Out for Lauren Conrad and Audrina Patridge!

Who needs boys anyway? The Hills BFFs were spotted on their way to Goa, a popular club that young, hot celebrities often frequent.

A sexy Audrina Patridge wore an all-black ensemble, while Lauren Conrad added a little color with one of her many stylish dresses…

Lauren and Audrina do some Valentine’s Day clubbing!

It’s too bad that Lauren Conrad and Brody Jenner couldn’t get together, but a girls night out with Audrina Patridge certainly works for us. Sometimes, a girl just wants to have fun and not worry about lame guys who don’t call back!

Plus, it’s a lot cuter than having to deal with these two


Sorry, we had to do it. With Heidi and Spencer, it’s like driving by a car crash. You don’t want to look, yet you can’t help it… it’s like you can’t turn away.