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The Drug Enforcement Administration has launched an investigation into how Heath Ledger got the prescription drugs that caused his death.

DEA officials have requested copies of Ledger’s autopsy, as well as the original police report, according to numerous news sources.

“It’s an ongoing investigation by the NYPD and, as always, we’re standing by to assist other investigations,” said Steve Robertson, a special agent with the DEA.

According to the New York Medical Examiner’s autopsy results released Wednesday, Ledger died of an accidental overdose of prescription drugs.

Heath Ledger (1979-2008) passed away January 22.

Six types of drugs were found in Heath Ledger’s apartment:

  • Oxycodone, a painkiller marketed as OxyContin
  • Diazepam and alprazolam, names for anti-anxiety drugs Valium and Xanax
  • Hydrocodone, used in a number of painkillers, including Vicodin
  • Temazepam and doxylamine, sleep aids

“We’re trying to educate that legal drugs – these prescription drugs – can be just as dangerous as more ‘hardcore’ drugs if misused or abused,” Robertson said.

“It’s sad to say, but this is a perfect example of how even the so-called ‘safe drugs’ can cost somebody their life.”

An alleged drug video of Ledger taking and/or discussing substances turned up online in recent days but public outcry stopped TV shows from airing it.