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Straight outta the psych ward, Britney Spears pulled into the her familiar stomping grounds – the Beverly Hills Hotel – yesterday afternoon and was faced with a paparazzi crush she hasn’t seen or experienced in … like a week!

Soon after arriving at her home away from home, the troubled singer was met by Adnan Ghalib, her paparazzi boyfriend. They left shortly thereafter. Adnan, too, was greeted by mass hysteria when he arrived. Here’s a picture

Then out of nowhere, who should pull up to the mob scene but … Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag! Man, these two just know how to make the celebrity news! If there are cameras rolling, you can bet your ass they’re gonna show up!

Hey, what’s up? We just happened to be in the neighborhood!

After meeting at the hotel, Britney and Adnan Ghalib drove over to the law offices of Adam Streisand, the lawyer who, on Spears’ behalf, objected to Jamie Spears being named co-conservator of her estate earlier this week.

Britney was released yesterday because the hospital said it could no longer hold her against her will. Expect Britney’s father, Jamie, to be back in court very soon, fighting for the right to protect Brit and control what she does.