Billboard Magazine Loves Carla Bruni

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The French may not love their new First Lady, but one of the world's leading music publications has nothing but positive things to say about Carlia Bruni.

The former supermodel, who married President Nicolas Sarkozy earlier this month, has a new album on the market. And Billboard magazine thinks it's wonderful.

No Promises

"Pure pleasure," raves the music-industry publication of Bruni's No Promises. "Less than a minute into Carla Bruni's second album, you're just like the French president: hopelessly seduced."

Wow. American Idol hopefuls such as Brooke White can only pray for that sort of praise from Simon Cowell and company.

Billboard's final summation of Bruni's latest work? "As mature as it is playful."


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No Promises
Carla Bruni Tedeschi is a French-Italian songwriter, singer and former super, duper model. Now, Carla Bruni is the First Lady of France... More »
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