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As Deanna Pappas prepares to find her soul mate this summer, the next Bachelorette can only hope to discover the sort of love that has befallen the original Bachelorette.

Indeed, Trista Sutter is the only contestant on that series to ever walk down the aisle with the man she selected. A paradigm of happiness, Trista and husband Ryan recently welcomed a son into their lives.

Trista Sutter on a Yacht

Now, Trista is sharing her goals for the year with baby blog Pinks & Blues:

1. Being the best mom and wife I can be (and keeping our fingers crossed for another baby blessing!).

2. Spending time expanding my new line of diaper bags. It’s called Trista Baby and it’s been a great opportunity in that it I can work from home and be here every day for Max.

3. Maintaining (and hopefully surpassing!) the health and fitness level that I’ve worked hard to achieve.

4. Working with companies to help increase awareness about fertility issues and anything baby related, as I’ve been through a lot with trying for two years, then developing gestational diabetes, preclampsia and HELLP syndrome, and now living the life I always dreamed of as a mom.

These plans sound a lot more promising than those of Amy Winehouse: don’t die.