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Even with the legal controversy surrounding her estate, Britney Spears had a nice President’s Day weekend, with a Saturday night spent in the company of her father and her assistant, Brett, inside her Beverly Hills home.

Dad Jamie Spears, who is legally her conservator, and in charge of Britney Spears’ security, medical decisions and her finances, accompanied her to dinner out the next night, meeting up with friends at Citrus at Social Hollywood.

Outside the restaurant, a celebrity news photographer asked the recovering pop star, who appeared tired but pleasant, how she was doing.

“Good,” Britney replied gently.

At dinner, “she seemed totally normal and level-headed, and everyone with her seemed calm,” said a witness. “She was with a table of five people.”

The low-key dinner out was a stark contrast to exactly a year ago, when a frenzied train wreck Spears went into a San Fernando Valley salon and shaved her head.

But that’s neither here nor there.

After a pair of epic meltdowns early this year, her family seems to be doing all it can to get Britney the help she needs and protect her from bad influences.

And if they ever need some additional help, Heidi Klum has volunteered. So we’re excited for the prospect of Britney finally getting well.