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Sam Lutfi says Adnan Ghalib is up to no good.

This is largely because Sam Lutfi – one of the most prominent Britney Spears leeches – is mad jealous.

Still, Adnan’s motives for cozying up to Spears of late remain very much in question, and celebrity photo agency X17 cites sources claiming Ghalib is actively pitching a story and pics documenting his odd relationship with Britney.

According to X17, Adnan is hawking pictures of Britney Spears with him and asking for a staggering $5 million in return!

Adnan Ghalib, a member of the paparazzi who is employed by Finalpixx, and who makes up to $200K a year taking pics of Britney, has pitched photos of himself and Spears during their brief trip to Palm Springs back on January 2.

The pair got to the Parker Hotel around 2 a.m. and checked out five hours later.

But apparently, Adnan’s pics are hella weak – most merely feature the crazy pop princess posing with him. Just bland, uninteresting, non-nude photos.

So far, no magazine or newspaper Adnan Ghalib has talked to has shown any interest in ponying up the seven figure fee Adnan’s agency is asking.

All of this leads to three questions:

  1. Is this story legit? We wouldn’t be surprised.
  2. Is Britney aware of what’s going on? Highly unlikely.
  3. Would she care even if she were aware? Who the hell knows.

*sniff* *sniff* Something smells fishy here. Oh yeah, that’s Adnan Ghalib.