T.H. Gossip Exclusive: More on Sam Lutfi's Shady Past

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The Hollywood Gossip has been tracking the movements of Sam Lutfi (or is it Osama Lutfi?) ever since he showedas Britney Spears' friend, confidant and unofficial mouthpiece. Well, it appears some of our suspicions about this mysterious, sketchy man may be more than mere gossip.

An acquaintance of Lutfi has written us with a lengthy indictment as to some of the things Sam has allegedly done. Simon Monjack would be proud of the list of things allegedly done by Sam Lutfi, according to our source, Ken Dungey. He writes that Britney is in "grave danger." Why? Let's hear Ken's account ...

Evil Lurks Behind Her


I personally know Sam Lutfi and he is a master manipulator, he almost made my good friend Danny Haines kill himself. I just want to get a message to Britney Spears to warn her of Sam's real intentions.

I have access to hundreds of emails, text messages, voice messages of Sam Lutfi talking about wanting to kill my friend Danny, and that he should just kill himself among other bizarre statements he has made.

Danny met Sam and soon after Danny moved in with Sam as a new roommate, not long after that it went downhill. I felt like I was Danny's therapist for several months trying to help him get away from Sam and his brainwashing.

Sam had stolen a total around of $18,000 from Danny from using his credit cards to buy plane tickets for himself and from forging his checks that the credit card companies send you for cash advances.

I went with Danny to one of the gas stations his mom owns to attempt to collect the money from Sam Lutfi's mother. I had Sam's mom with checkbook in hand writing Danny a check until Sam showed up an made a huge scene at the gas station.

Danny and I flew my airplane to Las Vegas for the weekend and I spent several hours with Danny and finally got him to call the bank and report the fraud Sam Lutfi had committed against Danny's bank account.

Sam Lutfi is beyond shady, according to our source.

Before that phone call, Danny was very depressed because of what Sam Lutfi had made him, after that phone call Danny's eyes has life in them again and we went out that night night and had a great time. Sam is so convincing that about a week later Danny canceled the fraud report after talking to Sam.

Please do your research on this clown, Danny has a restraining order (the court transcripts prove Sam is a jackass) find it by searching North Orange County court records Fullerton, Calif., case number 07NL02915.

Sam also vandalized a older women's [sic] car at Costco last year because she took his parking spot. Sam took a pair of pliers and destroyed her vehicle. They could not find him because his Mercedes S500 was new and had no license plates yet.


Do you or anyone you know have additional information about Sam Lutfi that Britney - along with legions of celebrity gossip readers worldwide - need to know? Contact The Hollywood Gossip and let us know right away!

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