Miss Belgi-Ummmm: Alizee Poulicek Doesn't Speak Dutch

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Alizee Poulicek can take comfort in this fact: her beauty pageant scandal pales in comparison to other recent controversies from this field.

There are no naked, lesbian photos (we're looking at you, Katie Rees).

Cocaine doesn't play a role (hello, Tara Conner).

Police were not misled about any pepper spray (way to go, Ingrid Marie Rivera).

Instead, Poulicek is involved in a far funnier scandal: the newly crowned Miss Belgium doesn't speak Dutch.

Alizee Poulicek looks good in a bathing suit. Just don't ask her to translate that sentence into Dutch.

See, Poulicek comes from the country's French-speaking region, which led to her being booed by a handful of the 4,000 people in the crowd during her pageant march to victory. On Saturday night, the contestant admitted she couldn't understand a question put to her in that language.

This led the Flemish tabloid daily Het Laatste Niuews to lead its Monday edition with: Miss Belgium does not speak Dutch.

The paper underlined that the "community crisis in our country" - where there is no government six months after general elections amid bickering between leaders of the main French and Flemish parties - "has insinuated itself into even the lightest sector."

Poulicek's victory "is not going down well," the newspaper reported, making it the opposite of Rees and Antonella Barba... if you know what we mean!


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Alizee Poulicek is the new Miss Belgium. There's just one awkward, hilarious problem: she can't speak Dutch. But at least she's pretty! More »
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