Ingrid Marie Rivera: A Huge Liar?

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Might the pepper spray used in the Ingrid Marie Rivera case be as real as the boobs on Heidi Montag?

NBC News reports that police are now said to be investigating just how Miss Puerto Rico was able to stop crying between camera appearances at Saturday's pageant, if her gown and makeup had been sabotaged with the spray, as she claims.

Should we check the pants of Ingrid Marie Rivera? Might they be on fire?

The questions about Rivera prompted Today show host Meredith Vieira to inquire on yesterday's broadcast whether or not crime-scene investigators believe the pepper-spray claim may have been imaginary.

Vieira asked reporter Kerry Sanders if authorities were now unsure about Rivera's assertions of being poisoned. She replied: "They're looking into it. They're curious."

Rivera remained sure of herself - and her story - in front of reporters at a Sunday news conference, saying: "It was a lot of sacrifice, and my tears were genuine.

"At one point, I asked, 'Am I a masochist?' But I said regardless of the results, this is my goal. The more rocks there are in my path, the more thanks I will give to God for sustaining me."

It's all rather intriguing. Sort of makes the Amy Polumbo beauty pageant scandal seem innocuous by comparison.


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Ingrid Marie Rivera was named Miss Puerto Rico. She had to overcome a poisoned dress in order to capture the crown. Impressive. More »
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