Lawsuit Against Les Deux Alleges Assault, Battery, Rape

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A 19-year-old girl has filed a lawsuit against Les Deux nightclub, claiming she was plied with alcohol and anally and vaginally raped by the owner.

In court papers filed yesterday in L.A. County Superior Court, Skye-Anne Smith alleges that on August 9, 2007, she went to Les Deux - a favorite night spot of Hollywood celebrities - and was admitted without showing ID.

Skye-Anne Smith says she was taken to the "owner's table," where she met defendants Lonnie Moore and Sylvain Bitton, both co-owners of the club.

In the suit, she says Lonnie Moore "started off the debauchery" by plying her with six to eight alcoholic drinks. The suit alleges one of the owners suggest to Moore that Smith shouldn't be in the club because of her age.

The alleged response from Lonnie Moore: "I don't care. She's hot."

Skye-Anne Smith says that Moore led her to the Les Deux "manager's lounge" - outfitted with a large bed. She alleges that Moore pinned her against the wall and began to kiss her (she did not kiss him back, she says).

A 19-year-old girl alleges the owner of Les Deux sexually assaulted her.

She then claims he "pushed [her] onto the bed," "removed [her] clothing" and then "forcibly penetrated [her] both anally and vaginally and forced the Plaintiff to conduct oral copulation on him."

The lawsuit claims Smith "verbally expressed her pain and said 'no.'"

Smith is suing for negligence, assault, battery, and sexual battery and is asking for damages in excess of $5 million. Mike "Boogie" Malin, a co-owner who won the all-star season of Big Brother, was also named as a defendant.

An attorney for Les Deux says the club and other agencies investigated the incident and concluded Skye-Anne Smith was not credible and a "whack job."

Smith made moves on Moore, according to his lawyer, and "she was all over him in front of numerous witnesses." The attorney says this is a "typical Hollywood shakedown" and the bed is for managers to sleep - alone, due to the long hours.

It's been a rough couple of weeks for Les Deux, which was the site of a double shooting November 29. Maybe Lauren Conrad should find a new hangout!

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