Gemma Atkinson, Giant Boobs Sell Some Lingerie

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The terms "Gemma Atkinson" and "giant boobs" are pretty much synonymous, a lot like "Britney Spears" and "no underwear." We apologize for the impromptu SAT prep course, but this is just something that needed to be said.

After all, here's a photo of Gemma Atkinson putting the aforementioned rack to good use - appearing at a store opening for Ultimo, a designer brand of lingerie.

Gemma Atkinson Topless

For once, she's not nude. Gemma Atkinson is still hot, however.

Ultimo has apparently adopted a marketing strategy in which you associate its brand name with Gemma Atkinson's breasts. And you could do worse, really.

In fact, any more photos like this and we're gonna kick Lucy Pinder to the curb. Sorry, Lucy. Gemma Atkinson is our large-breasted British babe of the month.

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