Britney Spears Turns the Tables in "Piece of Me" Video

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Besieged day and night by celebrity gossip photographers, Britney Spears goes from hunted to hunter in a music video for new her single "Piece of Me."

One could argue that she encourages celebrity photo takers by driving around in no underwear and pretty much begging for attention 24-7. But no matter.

The 26-year-old pop star is determined to turn the tables on her celebrity news "tormenters" in the music video, which was shot the week of November 26.

Here's more exciting news for Britney Spears fans - all 54 of you who are left - there's still a chance to make your very own "Piece of Me" music videos.

Man, everyone wants a piece of Britney Spears. Then again, she seems quite willing to dole it out. Girl slings the poon like a short order cook does eggs at a truck stop.

Using video footage supplied by MTV, amateur music video directors have until Friday to submit their own videos to the "Britney Spears Wants a Piece of You" contest. Expect three, maybe even four or five submissions, MTV!

Footage from the video is also airing tonight on ABC's 20/20.

Spears, who is being threatened with sanctions for bailing on a deposition in her custody case no fewer than four times, is certifiably insane. That's all.


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