Cisco Adler & Lisa D'Amato: Dating, Filming Weird Videos

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Lisa D'Amato is a former finalist on America's Next Top Model.

Cisco Adler is an alleged rocker / long-haired dude who dates famous girls and sometimes shows off giant balls in pics found in Paris Hilton's locker.

Cisco Adler, Girlfriend

It was a celebrity couple destined to happen.

Not only are Cisco Adler and Lisa D'Amato together (guess Lydia Hearst is out of the picture), but they're filming videos like this one below!

Check out "Bikini," a music video featuring Lisa D'Amato in, yes, a bikini, while Cisco Adler directs all the hot action and mans the camera.


Okay, iso t's no Jessica Sierra sex tape. Heck, it's not even as hot as that Whitesnake video from the '80s. You know the one we mean. But whatever.

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