Barack Obama Wins (Most Online Searches)!

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We know who's leading in the polls (or at least we did, two hours ago when we last checked), but which presidential candidates dominate the celebrity gossip world? Who would be the next president if online searches were votes?

In a race that mirrors recent Iowa and New Hampshire polling data, Barack Obama has narrowly edged out fellow Democratic senator Hillary Rodham Clinton as the top-searched presidential hopeful of 2007 across the Internets.

Obama's slight victory over Hillary Clinton may be thanks to a relative unknown status at the beginning of the year, as well as his huge support from many females - ranging from hot and nude (Amber Lee Ettinger) to all-powerful (Oprah).

If celebrity and online buzz were votes, Barack Obama would be president!

Ron Paul (R) came from nowhere to claim the #3 spot. While his numbers are about half of Clinton and Obama for the year, he took a web lead in November.

John Edwards (D) didn't lag too far behind at #4, while Fred Thompson's late entry, TV credentials and spouse helped his online attention surge above his fellow GOPers Mitt Romney (R), Rudy Giuliani (R) and John McCain at #5.

Expect the candidates' celebrity gossip buzz to change in 2008 - as searches already have for Mike Huckabee (R), thanks in part to a new sidekick.

The Top Searched Presidential Candidates in 2007:

  1. Barack Obama (D)
  2. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D)
  3. Ron Paul (R)
  4. John Edwards (D)
  5. Fred Thompson (R)
  6. Mitt Romney (R)
  7. John McCain (R)
  8. Rudy Giuliani (R)
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