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Kimberly Bell nude photos have yielded the former mistress of Barry Bonds lots of attention. But no money.

How come? Because the payments Bell received from Playboy went into the hands of recently deceased celebrity sex tape broker, David Hans Schmidt.

“Apparently the day after the funds went into his account, he was arrested by the FBI,” Bell told Howard Stern on his show heard on Sirius satellite radio. “He used the funds for not only his bail, but his attorney and everything else.”

Somewhere, Tila Tequila and Kim Kardashian are shaking their heads. You gotta make sure you earn your keep for taking off your clothes, sister.

Barry Bonds saw Kimberly Bell naked a lot. Now, thanks to a Playboy shoot, the whole world can do the same.

Bell said Schmidt accompanied her to Los Angeles for the Playboy photo shoot, but told her he was also “going to meet with Tom Cruise for the biggest deal of his life.”

From there, we all know what went down: Undercover agents met with Schmidt as he offered to sell pics of Cruise’s wedding to Katie Holmes.

The man responsible for the Paris Hilton and Dustin Diamond sex tapes was then sentenced to serve house arrested, and subsequently killed himself last week.

Bell said she had spoken to Schmidt days before his death and he “was very remorseful until the very end” about spending her cash.

She said she harbored no ill will toward her publicist because “I come from real humble beginnings and I learned a lot of lessons. This is another one.”