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In the latest issue of Maxim, readers can enjoy a pair of treats:

  1. Eva Mendes nude pictures.
  2. Eva Mendes talking about sex.

It’s enough make you stop reading now and go pick up a copy of the magazine, isn’t it? But don’t do that.

Because we’ve got excerpts from the interview with the actress below, along with a picture that redefines sexiness…

Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes Image
(Getty Images)

Your new movie, We Own the Night, opens with a pretty explicit scene between you and Joaquin Phoenix. What was that day at work like?
It was tough. That morning I was so nervous that the director was like, “Why don’t you put a little vodka in your orange juice?” So I did. It took the edge off.

Is it bizarre to watch your own sex scenes?
It’s weird to see myself in bed with Joaquin up on the big screen. I told my mom she has to come 15 minutes late. She wouldn’t live through that first scene; she’d have a heart attack. The poor lady would keel over in the movie theater.

Mendes makes like Kimberly Bell in the latest issue of Maxim.