Eva Mendes: Naked, Talking Sex

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In the latest issue of Maxim, readers can enjoy a pair of treats:

  1. Eva Mendes nude pictures.
  2. Eva Mendes talking about sex.

It's enough make you stop reading now and go pick up a copy of the magazine, isn't it? But don't do that.

Because we've got excerpts from the interview with the actress below, along with a picture that redefines sexiness...

Your new movie, We Own the Night, opens with a pretty explicit scene between you and Joaquin Phoenix. What was that day at work like?
It was tough. That morning I was so nervous that the director was like, "Why don't you put a little vodka in your orange juice?" So I did. It took the edge off.

Is it bizarre to watch your own sex scenes?
It's weird to see myself in bed with Joaquin up on the big screen. I told my mom she has to come 15 minutes late. She wouldn't live through that first scene; she'd have a heart attack. The poor lady would keel over in the movie theater.

Eva Mendes Naked Picture

Mendes makes like Kimberly Bell in the latest issue of Maxim.


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Eva Mendes Naked Picture
Eva Mendes loves to get nude. And we love her for that! The not unattractive actress is starring in more and more movies, too. She just... More »
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Eva Mendes

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I've had sex in all 50 states. A lot of it was on a road trip I took when I was younger.

Eva Mendes

I walk around the house naked - I do! One of my girlfriends always jokes, 'I'm coming over with someone, so please come to the door dressed.

Eva Mendes