No Botox For Ashlee Simpson (Just Plastic Surgery)

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Ah, Ashlee Simpson. She's been sliced, diced and butchered so many times, we hardly even recognize the talentless hack. But hey, that's Hollywood.

Her father, Crazy Joe Simpson, recently confirmed that his daughter's nose was in fact perfected by plastic surgery. But the 23-year-old "singer" is denying reports that her silky smooth skin and wide-eyed gaze are the result of Botox injections.

"Ashlee Simpson has never had Botox in her life," her spokesperson said. "She credits her eyebrows to her makeup artist, a whiz with the tweezer."

Well, there you have it, celebrity news readers. No botox for this gal! Earlier this week, Ashlee Simpson shared some of her lip-synching beauty secrets with Us.

"I cheap out and use face wipes to take my makeup off and put lotion on," she revealed at the Hollywood Style Awards on October 7.

And while her big sister, Jessica Simpson, is the one with the $3 million contract, Ashlee Simpson is also a big fan of the skin-clearing product Proactiv.

"I know it's very cheesy to say, but the stuff is incredible," Ashlee Simpson reports. "If I have a zit I put that mask on and it's gone."

We're sure Pete Wentz appreciates it.

What's also incredible is Ashlee Simpson's music. Girl's songs really tug at our heartstrings. Props to whoever's actually writing and singing them.


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