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In our brief history of spotlighting Playboy Playmates – from Patrice Hollis to Monica Leigh – we’re yet to focus on a beauty who won the Miss Universe pageant and posed in the buff for Hugh Hefner’s publication.

Until now!

Meet Alicia Machado. She’s the only woman ever to hold both these honors, as the Venezuelan knockout took home the 1996 crown and is currently featured inside the October issue of Playboy.

Take a nice, long look at Alicia Machado naked.

Machado made past headlines for a couple of reasons, as well:

  1. She was engaged to Major League Baseball star Bobby Abreu;
  2. Donald Trump called her an “eating machine” for gaining weight throughout the year of her reign.

As you can tell, however, Machado hasn’t exactly lost her looks.

If recently promoted photo editor Holly Madison is responsible for choosing the beauty queen for this month’s issue, we can only say the following: nice work.