Random Feud of the Week: Dina Lohan vs. Jodie Foster

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"If She [Jodie Foster] Has A Question To Ask Me, Don't Ridicule Me Publicly!"
- Dina Lohan to 24Sizzler.com

Jodie Foster is a well-respected, talented, Oscar-winning actress.

Dumb Dina Lohan

Dina Lohan is an awful, attention-starved mother to a cocaine-addicted, promiscuous child.

Therefore, we can't say we saw this feud coming. Or that the mom of Lindsay Lohan has a credible foot to stand on during it.

It started with an interview for Gotham magazine's October 2007 issue, in which Foster said: "Can I just ask, where is her mother? I mean, really, where is her mother?…When I was their age, there were no big 18-year-old stars…

Now, we want the 17-year-olds so we can bleed them for all they're worth and squeeze as much money as we possibly can out of them - and then their career will be over in something like three years."

We've been asking the same thing about Britney Spears' parents. Seems rather reasonable to us.

But not to Dina, who saw this as another chance to grab some celebrity news headlines for her family. She responded to Foster's rationale by stating:

"It really saddens me that a mom would comment on another mom without ever meeting me... I don't know what Jodie dealt with as a young Hollywood actress but I do know if it weren't for her mother she would not be a successful actress today! I'm sure her mother made many sacrifices for her to be successful."

Isn't Lohan damning herself with these words? She's saying Jodie had a responsible mother who helped shape her respected career. Dina's daughter, meanwhile?

She's in rehab.

She also stands less of a chance of winning an Academy Award at this point than Tila Tequila does.


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