Brittle Keira Knightley Summons Strength to Wave

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Against impossible odds, and drawing strength from sheer desire, a gaunt Keira Knightley raises her arm up from her withering frame to show her appreciation to the crowd during her press tour for her latest film, Atonement, on Monday in Toronto.

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Or maybe she's waving to Rupert Friend. We really don't know.

Keira says she's had just about enough of celebrity news blogs calling her anorexic (surely that nut Chris Crocker has as well), but let's be serious here!

She's rail thin, to put it mildly, and Keira Knightley's skin has lost all semblance of color. Has she ingested any food since August? It's questionable.

Her once-hot body clearly not getting enough nutrients, and is starting to look like Mischa Barton from her days on The OC, or like one of those freaky, flying specters the gang from Ghostbusters would have a field day with.

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