Brit and Run: Spears Charged With Misdemeanors

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Isaac Cohen. J.R. Rotem. Matt Encinias. Criss Angel. So many men in Britney Spears' life have gotten to hit that and then run for the hills.

This particular Britney hit and run, though, is vehicular.

Officials say Spears has been charged with one count of hit and run causing property damage and one count of driving without a valid California license. Both charges are misdemeanors, each carrying a maximum of 6 months in jail.

She was also charged with five counts of clubbing in no underwear. Just kidding!

The charges stem from an August 6 incident in L.A. where Spears was in a private parking lot in the San Fernando Valley.

The Los Angeles City Attorney filed charges this afternoon. Britney Spears' arraignment is set for October 10.

The City Attorney sent the pop train wreck a letter notifying her of the charges. That letter was mailed earlier today.

The victim filed a police report at the LAPD North Hollywood Division on August 9 and filed a report.

After leaving her lawyer's office, Britney Spears drove over to a home in Bel Air. A neighbor says the home is owned by a nurse. No one knows why she went there. After that, she went to a pet store in Malibu, of course.

Pasadena attorney Richard Hutton, best known for representing Paris Hilton in her probation violation case earlier this year, says residents of the Golden State must get a California driver's license within their first 10 days as a resident.

Spears has been pulled over several times in recent years with being cited for the license violation. It's possible officers were persuaded she maintains a residence in Louisiana and Britney legitimately considers herself a Louisiana resident.

Overall, legal experts say, the charges are "minor stuff" and Britney Spears could escape with a modest fine and probation.

Probably nothing to worry about. When she violates that probation by driving drunk, which should happen in about 2-3 months, though, watch out!

  Tears (and bad fashion, and no common sense) for Spears.


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