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Steve Coogan has seen Courtney Love nude.

As if that wasn’t bad enough for this British actor to deal with, he’s now facing charges that his behavior played a prominent role in the recent Owen Wilson suicide attempt.

One source claimed Coogan also used people to get into movies and celebrity gossip circles, saying: “He used his relationships and his contacts with seedy people to get bit parts in movies and to get famous.”

The actor, however, fired back on Access Hollywood, saying: “I do want to set the record straight and say that the allegations… are completely and utterly false.”

We’re not sure if he’s clearing up rumors that he encouraged drinking and drug use on Wilson’s part, or simply denying that his career in Hollywood is due to anything but talent.

Celebrity gossip, celebrity schmossip: Steve Coogan says he’s not a bad guy.

But Love’s friends are sticking to their story that he followed around the crazy singer after they stopped dating:

“He has stalked Courtney over the years,” a Love friend fumed. “He has gone to her house on several occasions. He e-mailed her nanny. He asked her to marry him and told her, ‘You’re the most intriguing woman alive.’ You name it. His saying Courtney ever stalked him is the biggest lie ever! He has done nothing but go out of his way to hurt her. He’s obsessed with her.”

Wow. And we thought our feelings for Megan Fox were strong.

Meanwhile, Love hasn’t had contact with Coogan in months, except for an e-mail she sent him after Wilson’s suicide attempt, which read: “You must feel really great right now. Does this feel life-affirming?”

That’s sweet.